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We are here to connect gamers around the world!

We play games, inspire our fellow gamers and build beautiful things together!

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This Is What We Are All About!


VR-Gaming, Console Gaming, Classic Games, Boardgames, DnD.


Meet people within the gaming industry though events, internships and more!


Join us and build amazing games with fellow your fellow community members

Social Gathering

Join our gaming events for free, have a drink at our bar and meet new people.

How to join the community

There are two ways to join our community. First of all you can download our app. In the App you can easily register. Secondly you can come to our venue and register at the counter.

We’ve 2000 community spots available for every venue. Want to have a sneak peak in one of our venues? Join us for a day with one of our day-passes.¬† Available on arrival and in our app!

Check our super
cool Events


Dungeons and Dragons

Get ready for an afternoon filled with stories, swords and sorcery!


Mario Kart Game Night

This is the gaming Grand Prix in Breda!


Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash each other off the screen and see who is best this time!


For more information about our events check the Qub3z app!


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