Xperience Day

Avans students only

October 16th

14:00 / 20:00
QUB3Z is here to show off the incredible power of Gamers! Our amazing Venue in Breda will change the face of the world. At QUB3Z we provide a home for gamers. Here people can game, chill and be creative with their friends in an epic environment. At QUB3Z, everyone will Play, Work & Talk!

Xperience Day Program

VR Gaming

Discover the amazing world of VR-gaming! At Qub3z we have some serious epic VR-games available. During the Xperience day you can play various VR-shooters and many more games. Play by yourself, with your friends or against your friends and put down the best score of the day.

Classic Games

We have a lot of different classic games for you to play. And with classic we don’t mean Tertis and Pacman but some serious cool games like: Pavlov, Rocketleague, Rainbow Six and many more! At the Xperience day you are free to play whatever you want, for as long as you want!


Besides lots of online games we offer many boardgames as well. Are you down to play some Ticket to ride, Uno, Catan or any of our other 50 boardgames?! Join us on the Xperience day and play the boardgames you want.

Switch Games

For our switch we offer a lot of different types of experiences. You can start a Just Dance battle with your friends on our 6m by 4m bigscreen, build your own Mario Home Circuit and many more! Are you ready for some insane gaming opportunities?!

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