Qub3z | gaming community


We are the brand new gaming community. At our venue gamers come together to have fun! At Qub3z you can play games, have a drink at the bar or connect with businesses within the industry.

“A player never loses! We Respawn and go at it again!”

This is what we've got at our venue's

  • Over 10 VR games and VR escape rooms
  • VR lasergaming
  • PS5 including awesome games
  • Dungeons and Dragons (on interactive tables)
  • Nintendo Switch : Mario kart, Just Dance and many more! (on our big screen)
  • Multiple game area’s with consoles and more
  • Boardgames (Secret Hitler, Uno, Exploding kittens, Catan and much more)
  • Bar and Bites

A vibrant culture that flows with creativity is our secret

We work with some of the biggest brands within the industry

Enough Talk, Let's Connect And Start Playing!